Megan Elgart

Coaching for smart, busy people

As a coach, it’s my goal to take people on a journey of finding their purpose, defining their goals, and acheiving success. In our partnership, I create a space that is fun, safe, and open to trying and failing, while pushing you to your potential.

When people come to me they are suffering from stagnation. Things seem to be going well in their lives, but they find themselves uninspired, unmotivated and disconnected from themselves or their organization.

I partner with clients who are ready for a change in their life, are willing to show up and do the work, and are looking to find their own answers (not simply receive advice).

Through coaching, I guide people through self-discovery to gain clarity, focus, and energy while they work towards their potential. I am a trained Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, an industry leader in coach training. My professional experience spans corporate and start-up environments, giving me a well-rounded understanding of the challenges many people face in different work cultures.

If you want to connect to your mission, live up to your potential, and bridge the gap between what you say you’ll do and what you actually do, please reach out.

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